About Daniel

Have you ever wanted to change your life and in the process create a dramatic and positive effect for you, your family, and your community?  Daniel Hedrick is quickly rising to the top as a premier Mentor Trainer in North America.

Daniel Hedrick began his full time Hypnotherapy practice in 2002. Although Daniel was trained in every aspect of hypnotherapy, he won huge recognition as “The Stop Smoking Guy”. Daniel’s passion for his work helped effect positive change for thousands of families. Everyone from CEO’S of companies to the guy on the shop floor came to Daniel to quit smoking. He has helped entire companies become smoke free, creating healthier environments and healthier companies.

Daniel Hedrick is also an International Hypnosis Trainer; he has trained many fellow Hypnotists, many of whom have been Comedy Stage Hypnotists and Motivational Speakers. For years they have urged him to take his quick wit and sense of humor to the stage and combine it with the knowledge he has gained from the years of motivating thousands of people, and teach them how to create lasting change… Many of his clients commented they’d love to see him on stage where he could help hundreds if not thousands of people at a time. This is now available to you!

Daniel has learned that far too many people wanting to fix a problem in their life spend most of their time focusing on the problem, instead of focusing on the solution – often overlooking the most powerful resource for change humans have… our ability to focus! We all have the ability to focus; the challenge is we shift our focus around all willy-nilly, not to mention we frequently focus on the wrong things! Our focus lacks focus!!!

Daniel quickly trains you how to activate the part of your mind responsible for focus, that once activated, allows you to easily shift your focus on purpose, for a purpose with a purpose. That purpose… A better life!