Fundraising Program

Our goal is to put the FUN in Fundraising by providing a platform for successfully raising money without all the hassles of typical fundraisers. Instead of selling overpriced cookie dough or cheap wrapping paper, your school or organization will raise money by selling low priced tickets to our comedy hypnosis show which will take place in your auditorium or community center

We we will show you how to maximize your profits! Most organizations that take advantage of our comedy hypnosis fundraising program report that they raised more money in a single night than several traditional fundraisers combined (e.g. pop can drives, spaghetti dinner, car washes, etc.). So why work harder? Work smarter – Choose Daniel Hedrick's Hypnosis Entertainment Show.


Benefits Of Our Program:

  • No products to order and distribute

  • Marketing plan and materials to promote the show

  • $1,000 – $5,000+ potential profit in one evening

  • G Rated Entertainment the entire family will truly enjoy

  • A FUN fundraising program your organization and community can get truly excited about

    Payment for the hypnosis show can be structured one of two ways – either a ticket split option with no upfront cost to you whatsoever or a straight buyout of the show. Call today for full details and to find out how we can partner to make our program work for your organization.

Call Dan today at (503) 720-4128